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curly hair

tired of uncontrollable, frizzy hair? embrace your curls with devacurl! our hair stylists utilize this specialty line of styling products and cutting techniques to enhance your natural curls. you’ll leave the salon with a head full of gorgeous curls that are more even and consistent.

are you ready to embrace your curls?

The DevaCut

This revolutionary cutting technique was designed for all natural textures, from wavy to super tight curls. Hair is sculpted curl-by-curl, while dry, in it’s natural state. this innovative technique allows the stylist to sculpt each client’s hair according to their own individual curl, look and style preference. once cut, your curly hair will be be rejuvenated with a three step devacurl cleansing, hydrating and styling treatment. whether you’re curl type is s’wavy, wavy, botticelli, or corkscrew, with devacurl, you’re curls will be natural-looking, frizz free, and more manageable.

Deva Menu:

  • devacut & style: $95 – $125 (depends on length & thickness)
  • buildup booster: $10
  • treatments: $25 (melt into moisture, deep sea repair, heaven in hair)

frequently asked questions

should i style my hair before my appointment?

arrive for your appointment with your hair down, styled as you normally would. do not put your hair up in any ponytails, braids, headbands, hats, or clips. your stylist needs to see as much curl as possible. do not use hairspray or gel and refrain from using products with shea butter, shea moisture or oils such as aragan, coconut and olive. these types of products coat your hair and will not allow moisture to penetrate the hair shaft.

what’s the styling process?

Deva Dry cut will be used to cut hair to your desired style. next, your stylist will shampoo your hair and educate you about the devacurl three step process which you continue at home to maintain your curls.  your hair will then be dried under a hood dryer or diffused with a blow dryer by hand.

what is the devacurl three step process?

the devacurl three step is a special curly hair process that consists of cleansing, hydrating and then styling.

will my hair be frizzy?

although we cant guarantee 100% frizz free hair, after first use it will be much less frizzy. the more you use products the more hydrated your hair will be therefore the less frizzy it will become over time. devacurl provides curls with the ideal balance of conditioning, moisturizing, and definition.

is devacurl specialty line for me?

65% percent of women have natural curls and waves in their hair. if you’re in this group, and you’ve fought against your curls with a flat iron, blow dryer hair ties and lots of styling products, devacurl may be right for you! our certified devacurl stylists can help you to stop fighting your hair and embrace it! this innovative treatment addresses curly hair’s specific needs using healthy oils and botanical extracts that cleanse, hydrate and lock-in moisture.

does devacurl contain harsh chemicals?

no, devacurl does not contain harsh chemicals. deva curl is a revolutionary hair care system that rejuvenates, restores and respects hair’s natural order without the use of harsh and dehydrating chemicals.  All deva curl products are 100% sulfate, silicone and paraben free.

 we have several “certified devacurl specialists” at each location.

for more information about devacurl, please call to make an appointment or schedule a complimentary consultation.

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