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3 Ways to Wear Your Short Hair

Short hair is the perfect option for the summer and spring seasons for a couple of reasons: it’s easy to maintain and it’s much cooler than long hair would be. The only real downside to having short hair, is feeling like you can’t do anything with it. You can’t really braid it, you can’t wear it in a bun, you can hardly even wear it as a teeny tiny little pony tail.

However, before you become even more frustrated with your short little hair cut than you already are, we have a secret to share with you. There ARE many ways you can wear short hair, and the Dolce Vita Salon team is going to share them with you!

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Could Less Washing Mean Better Hair?

e785b4f3e8d51f0d9985448ca0e2046fMany of us have the habit of washing our hair every day, as we were taught to do when we were kids. But times have changed. We don’t spend the whole day running around outside creating a mixture of dirt and sweat on our heads anymore. Not only is it unnecessary for you to lather, rinse, repeat, on a daily basis, but it is damaging to the health of your hair!

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