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How to Create 4 Different Types of Curls

Curls are the go-to look for date nights, and special occasions. They’re pretty, easy to achieve, and quickly become go to styles for working women. It’s a simple process really. The majority of us know how to use a curling iron / wand. Wrap your hair around the styling tool, wait a couple seconds, and release. That’s all there is to it right? Wrong!

There are a variety of curl styles, and ways to achieve them. Today, the Dolce Vita Salon team is going to broaden your curling horizons with 4 techniques for creating beautiful curls. To prep hair, spray with heat a protection spray (paul mitchell – hot off the press or bumble and bumble – does it all) then curl away.

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How to Care For Your Hair During and After a Beach Day

Dollarphotoclub_50805435 copyAre you getting ready to visit Florida’s beaches this summer? The sun, the sand, the waves, it’s the ultimate summertime destination.

While you are enjoying your fun in the sun, there are things you may start to notice about your hair. It may seem dry, it may become knotted very easily, split ends may start to form. This is all do to a combination of factors: salt water, wind, and improper care.

Maintaining your hair at the beach requires special care, and certain steps. We are going to share with you, the process of caring for your hair during your Florida vacation.

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5 Rules of Hair Care Every Woman Should Know

Dollarphotoclub_62660913 copyThere are certain things that just go unsaid when it comes to hair. No one ever writes out all of the steps for washing and conditioning, or explains that throwing your hair up in a towel isn’t always a good idea.

So today the Dolce Vita Salon team is going to go over a few, very basic, hair care rules. These guidelines will act as a foundation for proper hair care, upon which you will be able to build, as you learn more about how to properly manage your hair.

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