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Most Commonly Believed Hair Care Myths

Dollarphotoclub_42979512 copyToday, the majority of people style their hair in some way. Whether it be heat styling, dyeing or adding product to create a desired look. Although we do love the way we look when we style our hair, it does have its downside. Hair damage. In an effort to relieve our hair from the damage we cause it, we try our best to care for our hair.

But do you know if you’re caring for your hair properly? The fact of the matter is, there are many myths about hair care that are commonly believed.

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Transform Your Average Hair into Gorgeous Locks in Less Than a Day

142295_10152350095553508_886254381_nIs your hair too short, too thin or just too boring for your taste? This is an issue many women are dealing with, but few know what to do about it. There is a solution to this hair conundrum. The answer is hair extensions.

Many people turn away from the idea of hair extensions as it often comes with thoughts of severe damaged or unnatural looking hair. However, at Dolce Vita we use only the highest quality hair extensions and provide our clients with beautiful and natural looking hair. Still questioning the whole idea? We have a few frequently asked questions, and their answers, below.

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3 Tricks to Make Your Hair do That Thing You Love

selena-gomez-side-twisted-braid-celebrity-hairstyles-wenn-picWe all have those rare, wonderful days when we get up, get dressed, put on our makeup then go in for the hair…and it turns out magnificently! We did everything exactly the same as we usually do, but somehow the end result was something completely different. There was more volume, more spunk and overall perfection.

To what do we attribute these glamorous hair days? The hair gods? The universe?

And when can we expect to have such fabulous hair again? Must we wait until the stars align once more?

No! Dolce Vita Salon style specialists are going to teach you how you can make your hair do that thing you love, every day of the week.

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