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How to Make Split Ends a Thing of the Past in 10 Minutes

Capture787As you know, split ends cause hair to appear dull and unhealthy. Sometimes we think if we just spend more time brushing, apply a more product, and straighten our hair a couple more times, these little annoyances will not be visible. The reality is, those “preventative measures” are actually causing your split ends to worsen, and can result in long term damage to your hair.

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3 Best Hair Treatments For Healthy Hair

Years of flat ironing, curling, teasing and layering on product after product take a toll on the condition of your hair. Neglecting to take proper care of your hair can result in breakage, loss of moisture and intense frizz. In order to avoid issues such as these, it is necessary that we do regular maintenance to rejuvenate the health of our hair.

One of the best forms of maintenance is a treatment. We love treatments because there are a million different kinds, that work to correct a million different hair issues. We also love the fact that hair treatments can be done on your own at home, and can be very budget friendly.

The team here at Dolce Vita Salon in Orlando has compiled a list of our favorite hair treatments that will leave your hair looking shiny and healthy!

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Sick of the Frizz? Tame Your Mane with a Keratin Treatment!

A word on first impressions.

Okay ladies, (and guys) there are exactly five things people use to size you up or assess you immediately upon making your acquaintance. These five things have the potential to either work for you or against you. People automatically look at your hair, your smile, your eyes, your figure and your clothing. Let’s face it. We’re all walking billboards and we’re all telling a story. Now none of us are perfect, and quirky flaws are good. They add to our personality. But do you want to be known as “that girl with the frizzy hair?” Probably not.

At Dolce Vita Salon, we understand the importance of a first impression. Don’t let the rest of you be overshadowed by a head of unruly hair!

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