How to Use Bumble and bumble Primers

There is a general misconception about hair primer products. This misconception is the idea that a primer products should only be used in special circumstances, such as before you create some extreme style with your hair. In reality, primer products should be used before you create any style with your hair, whether it be heat styling, teasing, braiding, anything. Using a primer will make your hair easier to work with, as well as keeping it protected during the styling process. Just like you use primer on your face before make-up…. You should prime your hair before styling! It is the foundation to the style process.

Today the Dolce Vita Salon team is going to share with you, a few of your favorite primer products, and how to use them.

Best Primer Products

1. Bumble and bumble prep Primer

  • This prep primer is full of nutrients that are wonderfuCapture3l for the hair. Most commonly this prep product is used to detangle hair, reveal texture, improve the performance of other styling products, and bring freshness to hair that has already been styled.

  • Prep primer is perfect for all hair types, but especially effective for those who have very fine, limp, or semi healthy hair.

  • This product is at its best when used on damp hair to detangle, to prepare before styling, and to add moisture or reactivate the products you already have in your hair.

  • This product should be used generously throughout damp hair, and then worked through with a brush for even coverage. 

2. Bumble and bumble hairdresser’s invisible oil heat/UV protective primer Capture2

  • Because this prep product is made with 6 oils, it is expert at softening, detangling, de-frizzing and taming hair. It is also effective at creating an easy workspace from hair, as well as protecting against breakage, and heat-styling / UV damage.

  • This product works especially well on hair that is dry, coarse or brittle.

  • Hairdresser’s invisible oil primer can be used on either damp or dry hair, prior to styling.

  • Simply spray this product on damp or dry hair and brush it through with a comb to create even coverage.

3. Bumble and bumble tonic lotion primer

  • The succulent combination of herbs, vitamins, and Tea Tree Oil replenisCapture1hes the moisture in hair. This primer is also effective at soothing, detangling, and heightening the performance of other products.

  • Suitable for use on all types of hair, but especially beneficial to hair that is dry, coarse, porous, or colored.

  • This primer should be used on a daily basis in order to detangle and prepare hair for styling. Tonic lotion can also be used to dampen and reactivate products in the hair on 2nd (or 3rd) day of styling to refresh and revitalize your style!

  • Tonic lotion should be applied generously throughout damp hair, and brushed through for even coverage.

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