How To Recreate The Best Looks From NY Fashion Week

As per usual, NY Fashion Week featured countless hairstyles that were absolutely to-die-for. We saw many stylists’ take on braids, twists, and everything in between. Although there were many, many fabulous hair creations to love, we have narrowed it down to our three top favorites.

Today the Dolce Vita Salon team is going to share with you step-by-step instructions on how to recreate these flawless looks from New York Fall Fashion Week.

Top 3 Styles

We are going to teach you to create these looks, with step-by-step instructions, using Bumble and bumble styling products.

1. Full and Flowing Side PartCapture dolce1

  • You are going to want to begin with a dry base that has been prepped with Hair Dresser’s Invisible Oil Family. Click here for instructions on using these products.
  • Begin this style by re blow drying the top section of hair in a forward direction.
  • Let this hair lay to the side as you continue this process.
  • Now, section by section, you are going to brush hair on the side of the head backward, spritz with hold spray, lightly blow dry at the root, and then pin back. This will allow the roots to cool, laying the direction you want them to go.
  • Take the section of hair that you blow dried in a forward direction, and swoop it over the side. This should create a very severe side part.
  • Use a bobby pin to hold this section in place, pinning just behind the ear.

2. Tuck and RollCapture dolce2

  • Prep the hair with a generous amount of thickening spray while damp, and then blow dry.
  • As you blow dry, keep moving the hair back towards the area where the roll will be located.
  • Once hair is completely dry, add city swept to create more definition.
  • Use your finger to brush and gather hair back towards the nape.
  • Use a small elastic to secure all hair at the nape.
  • Now twist the hair above the elastic, creating the chignon.
  • Secure with bobby pins.

3. Lush FishtailCapture dolce3

  • Start by adding prep or tonic then thickening spray to damp hair, and then blow dry.
  • Figure out which side your hair parts best on for volume.
  • Gather all hair over to one side, and then begin the process of fishtailing.
  • Leave about an inch and a half of your ends undone, and add a clip at the bottom of the braid.
  • Beginning from the bottom of the braid, you are going to pull at the sides loosening up the style.
  • Once you have achieved the desired fullness, add an elastic.

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With these styles in mind, your fall hair is sure to be flawless.

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