Fall Hair Color Trends of 2014

For a girl who loves to change up her style, and try new things, there is no better excuse to go for a hair makeover, than a changing season. With fall only a few days off, a golden opportunity to schedule an appointment at the salon has presented itself. So what will you choose to do this fall? Will it be something drastically different, or merely a subtle tweaking?

Well before you decide, the Dolce Vita Salon team is going to share with you the best hair color trends of fall, 2014. Whether you prefer blonde, red, or brown hair, there is something on this list for everyone.

Are you ready to find you hairstyle for fall? Let’s get started.

Hottest Fall Colors

These colors are perfect for the girl who doesn’t want to completely change her hair color, as all of these shades can be achieved by slightly altering blondes and browns, and perfect for the girl who does.

Capturedolce1. Creamy Yellow

This is a bit of a softer approach to a fall appropriate hair color. Rather than going for a bold, deep color, try this delicate look.

This is a subtle shade change, perfect for a girl who currently has blonde hair. To achieve this perfect mixture you would simply need to add golden tones to your light blonde color. This is also a wonderful color for someone looking to create a whole new look.

Capturedolce22. Champagne Red

This light red-ish hue is the epitome of fall, without all of the drama.

Perfect for a woman who currently has a darker blonde shade, but achievable for anyone. This is also a safer option for the girls who like to change things up, but immediately regret going for dark or vivid colors. Making the change to this champagne red is a flawless choice this season.

Capturedolce33. Medium Chocolate Brown

Have you decided to embrace the warmer tones of fall, but not looking to take it too dark?

This medium chocolate brown color is a wonderful choice. With more depth towards the crown of the head, and a subtle fade to a more caramel brown near the ends, this color is flawless. For those of you who enjoy a more natural ombre look, you will definitely appreciate this hair color.

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