Date Night Hair

CaptureDate night is that one day out of the week when you want to look and feel your hottest. That can be difficult if your hair is drab and boring. Sometimes it may seem as though the only way to style your hair is to braid it, or throw it up into a pomp ponytail. Well today you can say goodbye to your dull hair, and say hello to gorgeous natural waves. The team at Dolce Vita is going to share a few tricks with you on how to easily get this romantic hairstyle without making your significant other wait hours upon hours for you to finish getting ready.

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Could Less Washing Mean Better Hair?

e785b4f3e8d51f0d9985448ca0e2046fMany of us have the habit of washing our hair every day, as we were taught to do when we were kids. But times have changed. We don’t spend the whole day running around outside creating a mixture of dirt and sweat on our heads anymore. Not only is it unnecessary for you to lather, rinse, repeat, on a daily basis, but it is damaging to the health of your hair!

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3 Tricks to Make Your Hair do That Thing You Love

selena-gomez-side-twisted-braid-celebrity-hairstyles-wenn-picWe all have those rare, wonderful days when we get up, get dressed, put on our makeup then go in for the hair…and it turns out magnificently! We did everything exactly the same as we usually do, but somehow the end result was something completely different. There was more volume, more spunk and overall perfection.

To what do we attribute these glamorous hair days? The hair gods? The universe?

And when can we expect to have such fabulous hair again? Must we wait until the stars align once more?

No! Dolce Vita Salon style specialists are going to teach you how you can make your hair do that thing you love, every day of the week.

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Trending Celeb Hair Styles of 2014

blonde-pixie-careyStyle is constantly evolving. What’s “in” is only in for a season, and then it’s on to the next. Last season, at Dolce Vita Salon, was defined by ombres, loose curls and mid length hair. You could find this style on practically everyone. As this look has slowly began to die out, new looks are popping up!

There are a few hair upgrades we’ve been seeing an awful lot of as 2014 has rolled in. These trendy changes are gaining in popularity, as more and more celebrities are chopping, coloring and styling their locks in fresh new ways.

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Sick of the Frizz? Tame Your Mane with a Keratin Treatment!

A word on first impressions.

Okay ladies, (and guys) there are exactly five things people use to size you up or assess you immediately upon making your acquaintance. These five things have the potential to either work for you or against you. People automatically look at your hair, your smile, your eyes, your figure and your clothing. Let’s face it. We’re all walking billboards and we’re all telling a story. Now none of us are perfect, and quirky flaws are good. They add to our personality. But do you want to be known as “that girl with the frizzy hair?” Probably not.

At Dolce Vita Salon, we understand the importance of a first impression. Don’t let the rest of you be overshadowed by a head of unruly hair!

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