Tips For Curly Girls From Deva Curl

CaptureDo you have curly hair? If so, you can attest to the fact that your hair requires a unique amount of care. In order to achieve healthy curls you have to use a specially formulated shampoo, special hair products and special styling tools. Your hair needs that extra bit of attention in order to look presentable on a daily basis.

Today the Dolce Vita Salon Team is going to share with you a few easy tips from Deva Curl, that will help you to make every day, a good hair day.

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4 Must Have Items to Make Every Day a Good Hair Day

Dollarphotoclub_61941445 copyWe never know where life might take us in a moments notice. One thing we do know, is that after 5 o’clock our hair isn’t looking as polished as it did at 7 in the morning. So when life calls us to partake in spontaneous family dinners, or a night out with the girls, we tend to just accept the fact that we aren’t going to be the most well-put-together person there.

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How to Create 4 Different Types of Curls

Curls are the go-to look for date nights, and special occasions. They’re pretty, easy to achieve, and quickly become go to styles for working women. It’s a simple process really. The majority of us know how to use a curling iron / wand. Wrap your hair around the styling tool, wait a couple seconds, and release. That’s all there is to it right? Wrong!

There are a variety of curl styles, and ways to achieve them. Today, the Dolce Vita Salon team is going to broaden your curling horizons with 4 techniques for creating beautiful curls. To prep hair, spray with heat a protection spray (paul mitchell – hot off the press or bumble and bumble – does it all) then curl away.

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How to Create Hydrated Curls With Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Family

Dollarphotoclub_49972501 copyMoisturized, soft, and shiny. Do these three words define your hair?

Regardless of what texture your hair is naturally: coarse, frizzy, straight, etc., you can have healthy and beautiful hair with the help of bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Family.

Not only can the Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Family be used to create silky straight hair, but it can also be used to style voluminous curls.

The Dolce Vita Salon team is going to share with you, the process of using the Invisible Oil Family to turn coarse, dry hair into hydrated curls.

The Step-By-Step Process

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Most Commonly Believed Hair Care Myths

Dollarphotoclub_42979512 copyToday, the majority of people style their hair in some way. Whether it be heat styling, dyeing or adding product to create a desired look. Although we do love the way we look when we style our hair, it does have its downside. Hair damage. In an effort to relieve our hair from the damage we cause it, we try our best to care for our hair.

But do you know if you’re caring for your hair properly? The fact of the matter is, there are many myths about hair care that are commonly believed.

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3 Hair Disasters to Avoid This Summer

Dollarphotoclub_59460537 copySummer is the time of year when we love to change up our styles. We trade in our jeans for shorts, pale skin becomes tan, and we begin to venture into new hair styles. All of this is good and well, however, we do have one suggestion. As you begin to try new things, and reinvent your style this summer, steer clear of DIY hair makeovers. Not only do these have a habit of turning out to be less than attractive, but they can also be extraordinarily damaging to your hair.

The Dolce Vita Salon team is going to share with you the three WORST DIY hair makeovers. No matter how tempting they may be, avoid these like the plague.

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How to Care For Your Hair During and After a Beach Day

Dollarphotoclub_50805435 copyAre you getting ready to visit Florida’s beaches this summer? The sun, the sand, the waves, it’s the ultimate summertime destination.

While you are enjoying your fun in the sun, there are things you may start to notice about your hair. It may seem dry, it may become knotted very easily, split ends may start to form. This is all do to a combination of factors: salt water, wind, and improper care.

Maintaining your hair at the beach requires special care, and certain steps. We are going to share with you, the process of caring for your hair during your Florida vacation.

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How to Turn Any Hair Type into Smooth Locks

Smooth, straight hair is often thought to be only attainable by those with naturally silky hair, or by professional styling methods. For some hair types, even salon treatments aren’t enough to get that relaxed look you love.

Those days are over with, you can now have that beautiful hair you’ve been envious of, any time. The Dolce Vita Salon Team is going to share with you, a couple of simple products, and a few easy steps, that will completely transform your hair.

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How to Care For Remy Hair Extensions

Dollarphotoclub_63408435 copySo you made the decision to get quality, 100% human hair extensions. This is a great choice, as the soft feel and natural appearance is unbeatable.  The only real concern when deciding to go with Remy hair extensions, is figuring out how to care for them. Because these are such high quality extensions, they can be used for six months on average. This means that you are responsible for keeping them in tip top condition for an extended period of time.

The Dolce Vita Salon team is going to go over all of the proper steps of care for Remy hair. This will provide you with the knowledge necessary in getting the longest possible use from your quality extensions.

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3 Ways to Wear Your Short Hair

Short hair is the perfect option for the summer and spring seasons for a couple of reasons: it’s easy to maintain and it’s much cooler than long hair would be. The only real downside to having short hair, is feeling like you can’t do anything with it. You can’t really braid it, you can’t wear it in a bun, you can hardly even wear it as a teeny tiny little pony tail.

However, before you become even more frustrated with your short little hair cut than you already are, we have a secret to share with you. There ARE many ways you can wear short hair, and the Dolce Vita Salon team is going to share them with you!

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