welcome priscilla & rebekah to our team!

Dolce Vita Salon is happy to announce that we have 2 new stylists on our team!!!! We are excited to welcome Priscilla Rivera & Rebekah Preston to our DV family. Both are master stylists that are offering new clients 15% off first color service or $50 off keratin treatments thru 9/30/14. To book call 407.650.1811 or book online at www.dolcevitaorlando.com



7 tips for curly hair care

Dollarphotoclub_49972590 copyDo you have curly hair? If so, then you are well aware of how challenging curly hair can be to maintain. One day it’s too frizzy, the next day it’s too knotted, and how in the world are you supposed to tame that wild mane before you go out in public?

What a lot of people don’t realize is that curly hair requires special methods of maintenance in order to stay healthy, and beautiful. Today the Dolce Vita Salon team is going to share with you, 7 tips for keeping that curly hair of yours in perfect condition. [Read more...]

how to use bumble and bumble primers

There is a general misconception about hair primer products. This misconception is the idea that a primer products should only be used in special circumstances, such as before you create some extreme style with your hair. In reality, primer products should be used before you create any style with your hair, whether it be heat styling, teasing, braiding, anything. Using a primer will make your hair easier to work with, as well as keeping it protected during the styling process. Just like you use primer on your face before make-up…. You should prime your hair before styling! It is the foundation to the style process.

Today the Dolce Vita Salon team is going to share with you, a few of your favorite primer products, and how to use them. [Read more...]

how to make that summer beach hair last all year

beach hairThere are one hundred and one things to love about summer. Perfect weather, tan skin, days spent relaxing on the beach, the list goes on and on. Perhaps the best thing about summer, however, is how the combination of salt water, sun, and wind, work together to create sexy beach hair. If only there was a way to recreate this accidental perfection for our day to day lives, we could have perfect hair on a daily basis.

Well today the Dolce Vita Salon team has very good news to share with you. It is possible to recreate this style at home. Meaning, winter, spring, summer and fall, you will be able to rock your beach goddess hair. [Read more...]

dolce vita salon is hiring a part time salon coordinator!

Dolce Vita Salon is currently looking for a part time Salon Coordinator. Salon experience is a MUST!
(Shortcuts Software a plus!!!)

Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday: 3pm-8:15pm
1 Saturday / month: 10am-6pm

Salon Coordinator handles front desk duties including: appointment book for 18 busy stylists, inventory, customer service and retailing. Must be a team player that is able to multi-task.

No phone calls please!! Send resume to info@dolcevitaorlando.com


5 things you do that make your hair thinner

Dollarphotoclub_57685415 copyStrong, thick, soft, lustrous. These are words that we like to use to describe our hair. However, in reality, that may not be the case. Habits, lifestyles, food choices, all of these things have an impact on our hair. Depending on what yours are, you may be leaving your hair thin, brittle and dry.

Today the Dolce Vita Salon team is going to shed light on the subject of thin hair. We are going to share with you, a few things that you probably find yourself doing on a daily basis, that will result in thin and damaged hair. [Read more...]

4 kardashian inspired hairstyles you’ll love

Summer is the perfect time of year to reinvent your hair. However, with hundreds of styles to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one to go with. The women of the Kardashian family have become famous for their flawless hairstyle choices, and have been the inspiration behind thousands of women’s hair makeovers.

Today the Dolce Vita Salon team is going to share with you, a few of our absolute favorite Kardashian looks to keep in mind when selecting your next look. [Read more...]

tips for curly girls from deva curl

CaptureDo you have curly hair? If so, you can attest to the fact that your hair requires a unique amount of care. In order to achieve healthy curls you have to use a specially formulated shampoo, special hair products and special styling tools. Your hair needs that extra bit of attention in order to look presentable on a daily basis.

Today the Dolce Vita Salon Team is going to share with you a few easy tips from Deva Curl, that will help you to make every day, a good hair day. [Read more...]

4 must have items to make every day a good hair day

Dollarphotoclub_61941445 copyWe never know where life might take us in a moments notice. One thing we do know, is that after 5 o’clock our hair isn’t looking as polished as it did at 7 in the morning. So when life calls us to partake in spontaneous family dinners, or a night out with the girls, we tend to just accept the fact that we aren’t going to be the most well-put-together person there. [Read more...]

how to create 4 different types of curls

Curls are the go-to look for date nights, and special occasions. They’re pretty, easy to achieve, and quickly become go to styles for working women. It’s a simple process really. The majority of us know how to use a curling iron / wand. Wrap your hair around the styling tool, wait a couple seconds, and release. That’s all there is to it right? Wrong!

There are a variety of curl styles, and ways to achieve them. Today, the Dolce Vita Salon team is going to broaden your curling horizons with 4 techniques for creating beautiful curls. To prep hair, spray with heat a protection spray (paul mitchell – hot off the press or bumble and bumble – does it all) then curl away. [Read more...]